Nyle DiMarco Goes Shirtless to Call Your Attention to Deaf Rights

The sexually fluid deaf model and activist is quite arresting.

Has the promise of Nyle DiMarco’s naked torso grabbed your attention? Good. That’s the point.

The sexually fluid deaf model and activist appeared this week on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee to address problematic police mistreatment of deaf people, often due to misunderstandings related to an untrained officer’s verbal instructions.

Spoofing an old-school training video for police officers, DiMarco, looking like a smart snack, demonstrates how officers can peacefully deal with the deaf and hard of hearing community. “Now, as a cadet, your training has barely covered the importance of how to interact with America’s one million deaf citizens,” DiMarco signs.

“And it turns out you’ve been making tons of terrible mistakes,” Bee adds. “So pay attention!”

The America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars winner even has a special segment called “Nyle Takes His Shirt Off So You’ll Pay Attention to Deaf Rights.” Yep, we’re definitely listening! But there’s nothing sexy about the fact that half of those killed by police officers are disabled.

DiMarco, who came out publicly as “sexually fluid” in 2015, spoke to Attitude in 2017 about discrimination within the queer community. He also told the magazine what he looks for in a guy

“I’ve had so many LGBT+ people criticize me for my identity, and I think that’s not the point,” he said. “Why aren’t we working together for a larger goal? The bottom line is, what is our long-term goal for the LGBT+ community?”

Watch DiMarco go Full Frontal below.

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