The 5 Gayest Scenes In One Direction’s New Video

Those kids from One Direction make way better music videos than any of those other boy groups who came before them. They’re fun, they’re cute and they are, we must say, sorta gay.

Now we already wrote about how their video for “Live While We’re Young” was a bit like soft core gay porn, and it seems their new video for “Kiss You” is continuing the tradition.

Don’t believe us? Look at the grabs below.

Just two dudes in blazers enjoying an oceanside ride on a motorcycle…

Followed by a bunch of dudes dancing together at an all male prison…

Oh look, now there are three!

Sailors? Seriously? They’re just fu*ing with us now, right?

Then some shirtless dancing on surfboards to finish the day off.

As for this, well, we don’t even know what to say.

You can watch the entire video, which is pretty great, here. And calm down fan girls, we in no way think the lads of One Direction are gay.

One Direction’s New Video Is Basically Soft Core Gay Porn