Pete Gardner Sings About “Gettin’ Bi” In “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Sneak Preview

Daryl is not here for bi erasure.

Tonight’s episode of Golden Globe-winning Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sees Darryl, played by Pete Gardner, singing about coming to terms with his bisexuality.

Perez Hilton has a sneak peek at “Gettin’ Bi,” a Huey Lewis and the News-inspired ditty that’s funny, informative and darn catchy.

Darryl recently came out as “bothsexual,” but he isn’t the only on Ex-Girlfriend character to have a sexual awakening: He recently shared an electric kiss with “White Josh,” who has come out as gay.

Add that to the show’s addictive musical numbers and endearing characters, you should definitely be hitting “series record” on your DVRs.

crazy ex-girlfriend

Below, Darryl dons his best ’80s white suit and sings “Gettin’ Bi.” If only all work meetings could be this fun. (Click on full-screen mode to see the clip larger.)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.

h/t: Perez Hilton

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