“Real Housewives Of Orange County” Star Peggy Sulahian Reportedly Doesn’t Let Her Gay Brother See Her Kids

"I just find it so heartbreaking that my sister Peggy still has not accepted me."

Allegations that Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer Peggy Sulahian is a homophobe have been brewing since the current season started, and now the reality star’s brother is claiming that the housewife doesn’t allow him to see her children because he’s gay.

Fashion designer Pol Atteu claimed over the summer that his sister tried to ban him from their father’s funeral last year because of his sexuality, and now he’s telling Radar Online that she prevents him from seeing his nieces and nephews, as well.

“This past June, I posted a heartfelt message to my nine-year-old nephew Koko wishing him a happy birthday and she immediately deleted it,” he said.

Atteu added that he thought it may have been a mistake, so he reposted the same comment and took a screenshot of it, only to find it deleted again.

“I just find it so heartbreaking that my sister Peggy still has not accepted me as a successful celebrity fashion designer that also happens to be a homosexual,” Atteu told Radar.

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Sulahian denied the claims this week on Watch What Happens Live! after being called out by other celebrities, including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, but Atteu says he thinks his sister’s actions speak louder than her words.

“I thought she had matured and grown now that she had children of her own and would realize the importance of siblings,” he said. “Clearly I was wrong.”

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