Robert Pattinson Had Affair With Ashley Greene

Can you feellllll the loveeeee tonightttttt. Photo Credit: Getty Images

We are doing a bit of a throwback for Wacky Weekly Wednesday this week, all the way back to October of 2011 and a report on the steamy affair going on between Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson. For all you tweens out there already in a rage, this post is meant to take rumors with no basis and write them as fact for humor, so calm yourselves before you inundate us with hate mail. We are sure every Twilightmovie is on television today to ease those frayed nerves and, again, we in no way think this story is true.

So, back in October, Crazy Days and Nights did a blind item about an actor and actress, who play brother and sister in a film, having sex at their European hotel, and being so loud that there were noise complaints! They later revealed it was none other than Robert and Ashley. Robley! Gasp!

It must be very risky for a faceless blogger to make such a radical claim.

There have long been rumors that these two enjoyed the company of one another, and combined with his brief fling with Nikki Reed this would have completed a Twilight trifecta for Mr. Pattinson, but we just don’t see him and Ashley getting along THAT well. Also, we are pretty sure that two of the most famous people in the world would keep it down if they were having an affair. Just saying.

Rob was of course dating Kristen at the time, but he was doing press with Ashley in Europe, making this reported claim more feasible.

You can see the blind item and reveal here.

We would have liked the story better if it was Rob and Kellan Lutz being too noisy.

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