Sahara Davenport Scores First Billboard Hit

Sahara and some friends

The ladies of RuPaul’s Drag Race are starting to take over the entertainment biz folks, and the latest example comes in the form on Miss Sahara Davenport who is currently storming the Billboard Dance Charts. The lovely chanteuse just hit number 50 with her new song “Go Off!” Get it gurl.

We spoke to Miss Davenport about her major accomplishment and she told us: “I am extremely humbled and appreciative that DJs across America are playing my song. This is a great beginning for me as a recording artist and I would like to thank everyone on Team Sahara.”

The EP of remixes was released last month, with remixes by John Rizzo, Jamie J. Sanchez, Manny Lehman, and has been making a splash in clubs all across the country ever since. Miss Davenport’s latest single, “Go Off!” is produced by the Billboard Chart topping Kazuhiko Gomi (Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Kevin Aviance) of Gomination Records and written by Davenport herself.

Looks like America better get ready for a whole lot more of Sahara. And, you can buy her new song for yourself here.