5 Sexiest Female Movie Villains

Snow White and the Huntsman is being released tomorrow and while we have been inundated with ads and commercials for the new film the only thing we can really remember is that Charlize Theron looks sexy. Like, super fuc*ing sexy and scary at the same time.

So, in honor of the evil hotness that is Charlize, we present to you the five sexiest movie villains.

Faye with Warren Beatty

Faye Dunaway — Bonnie and Clyde
Hailed as one of the first films of the New Hollywood era, a time that saw studio films approaching more taboo subject matter like the infamous story of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, Bonnie and Clyde may be the first great American film to have ever introduced a sexy female villain. The photos of Dunaway in her beret wielding a gun and leaning against her getaway car have become iconic images, and for good reason — the lady looks amazing.

A no doubt overheated Michelle

Michelle Pfeiffer — Batman Returns
Michelle was a murderous feline and, though completely covered in vinyl, total sexpot in this 1992 sequel to Batman. She managed to lose a few lives along the way, most notably when having a threeway with a stun gun and Christopher Walken in the film’s penultimate scene, but is shown traipsing the Gotham skyline at the end of the film, searching for her next victim.

Demi with Cameron Diaz

Demi Moore — Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
After taking some time off from Hollywood, Demi returned as the bitchy and villainous Madison Lee in this 2003 film, a former Angel who had gone rogue. We can’t really remember much about the story or plot to this film but can say that Demi, showing off her remarkably toned stomach and running down the beach a la Bo Derek in 10, was the greatest inspiration ever to stop eating and start working out.

Rebecca blue herself

Rebecca Romijn — X-Men
As the very sexy and very manipulative Mystique, Rebecca has to do something none of these other ladies were forced to do — fight naked. And fight naked she does, taking down and fooling everyone around her. No matter what persona the shapeshifter takes on however, there is still nothing sexier than when she is her plain old blue self.

Dance Zoe, dance

Zoe Kravitz — X-Men: First Class
Zoe made her mark in this 2011 film as Angel Salvadore, a stripper who happens to have dragonfly wings and acidic saliva. Though she initially started off as one of the good guys, she eventually switched allegiance along with Mystique to join Magneto over dear old Professor Xavier. She looks sexier as a villain anyway.