Another Transgender Woman Shot To Death In Pakistan: “No One Seems To Care”

Activists say they have info on the men who murdered Spogmai, a 24-year-old trans woman in Peshawar, but police refuse to follow up.

A young transgender woman was shot to death by a group of men in Peshawar, Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan.

There are conflicting details regarding the murder of the 24-year-old woman known only as Spogmai: One outlet alternately claimed she was shot three times or A five times, while the Pashtun Express reports she was shot six times.

What is known is that Spogmai was shot in her apartment in Khyber Super Market and her killers fled the scene after opening fire. She was taken to Lady Reading Hospital but succumbed to her injuries.

Police have no information regarding the suspects, but an investigation is underway. An unconfirmed report suggested one of the shooters may have been known to the victim.

According to Trans Action Pakistan, Spogmai’s family initially refused to claim her body for burial, but her mother ultimately came forward.

The murder follows a rash of violence against trans women in the area: In October, the body of a trans woman was discovered in Peshawar showing signs of torture. Last year, another local trans activist was shot six times and died in a hallway of Lady Reading Hospital while staff debated whether to put her in the male or female ward.

Even in Karachi, two trans women were raped and beaten in their own apartment in September.

Members of Peshawar’s trans community held a protest demanding Spogmai’s attackers be arrested.

“There is an organized group which is abducting, raping, and beating transgender persons in Peshawar,” a representative of TransAction Alliance told “We have shared number plates of the vehicle of the suspects with police but no one has helped us.”

Added another member, “There is no life security for transgender persons and there is no justice. Today, it is Spogmai, tomorrow it can be me. No one seems to care if a transgender person gets killed.”

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