Terry Richardson Shoots Lady Gaga As She Readys For New York Pride: PHOTOS


Besties Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson spent New York Pride together, and Richardson caught the moments leading to her surprise appearance at the Pride Rally.

Richardson is working on a new documentary about Mother Monster actually, and the Pride photo adventure starts off in Gaga’s dressing room/boudoir where she was working on her speech for the rally, the official kick-off event for NYC Pride. We also see her getting her makeup done next to a portrait of the sainted Liza Minnelli.

After a few glam photos with Gaga a black Maison Martin Margiela jumpsuit, which we can all relate to.  Suprisingly see her arrival to the rally was not via egg  but in a vintage red car. Quite fitting for the Marilyn Monroe hair she rocked.

In another series of photos titled “Gaga in Glam,” we see how her blonde hair came to be: Gaga shaved the back of her head before either putting on a blonde extensions or dying her hair (we’re not sure which). Apparently she has two tattoos in her scalp—a statuesque baby angel and a cross with an R and O sandwiching it.

See the photos below: 


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