‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: The Spoilers Were Wrong! Des Gets Engaged to Chris


Wow, folks! I want to be honest with you upfront in that I actually didn’t watch the finale last night because I was on a flight back from WI , however, I got about a bazillion texts from my favorite Cat Lady giving me the play-by-play so my phone was blowing up when I landed in NYC. And this was a shocker for the ages, amirite?!

The moment in the night that I knew Reality Steve might really be wrong about the outcome that Brooks would come back to The Bachelorette was when at 9:48 p.m. I got the following text from Cat Lady: “Ok here we go! Wtf is brooks really not coming back?! Only 12 mins!”

Then 6 minutes later (cover your virgin ears): “Holy shit! Reality Steve so wrong!!!”

Let’s all be happy for Des and thank GOD that Brooks was a part of Des’ season to really drive down the snooze factor and make things at least interesting. Because if you had to watch an entire season of Chris falling in love with Des and Des falling in love right back, you’d probably pull an Un Chien Andalou andĀ slit your eyeballs open with a scalpel (or cheese knife or whatever you could find).

So three cheers for the happy couple! And Des & Chris, it might be a little early to present you both with a wedding gift, but here it is anyway: please, for the love of your family and friends, don’t write your own vows.

Watch the two get engaged here.

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