The Return Of Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Now In Song!

Ask Kerri Doherty to name her heartthrob of choice, and she’ll manage to knock out eight syllables before you’ll even have a chance to finish asking the question: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. And the timing couldn’t be better, since JTT is returning to the small screen to reunite with TV dad Tim Allen on his sitcom, Last Man Standing.

Kerri, star of YouTube series Geeking Out, is doing just that: geeking out over JTT, but in song. All the girl needs is a ukelele to set her warped fantasies to music, and we can’t say we never shared similar daydreams. We, too, once felt strange, young urgings in our downstairs parts anytime Randy Taylor took to the small screen, and we wouldn’t have said no to a little “Tool Time” with Randy Taylor.

But we were young then, and things have changed. Things are different now. We’re adults. Heck, Jonathan is over thirty years old! We’ve all matured and moved on.

That’s not to say we won’t be watching. Because we will definitely be watching.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Is Back, And Hotter Than Ever