The Top Moments From Ninja Chris Colfer’s Interview With Larry King

On "AbFab," "Glee," and the 2016 election

Chris Colfer sat down with Larry King (obviously before he left for London to film Absolutely Fabulous), and Larry was his usual mix of probing and befuddled, but managed to eke out a few good questions for Chris about life after Glee, and what the future holds.

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Was it difficult to come out?

“It was, because it was such a different world back then. I was on the television show, and that made it an easy transition. But it was a different time, it was not as accepting. I was told not to by a lot of people. I was told it would ruin things.

How do you account for how swift this change has happened? If I had told somebody five years ago gay marriage would be legal in America, you probably would have laughed.

“I would have laughed at you five years ago. Probably last year I would have laughed.

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Are you very political?

“The older I get, the more political I become.”

Any candidate who intrigues you?

“Yes, my family are all big republicans, so they’re going to be upset that I’m saying this, but I’m a big Hillary Clinton fan. But I think it’s important for people to think for themselves. Don’t be influenced because I like Hillary Clinton. Do the research.”


What’s your secret talent?

“I’m good at martial arts, and I have a lot of weapons. Like karate and ninja-type weapons.”


You’re heading to London to film the new AbFab film?

“I am. I’ve been a huge fan of AbFab since I was a child and was too young to watch it.”

What is it?

“It’s a British sitcom, written and starred Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. It’s genius. It’s like my bible.”

What’s its story?

“It’s too older women who are constantly trying to make themselves relevant and young, and it’s all about trends. It was the Real Housewives before there was Real Housewives. As of right now, I believe I’m playing Jennifer Saunders’ hairdresser/social media consultant, and i’m really excited about that because Jennifer Saunders is one of my heroes. I can’t believe she wrote the part for me.”


There’s a lot more good stuff in the interview, about The Land Of Stories, if he keeps in touch with anyone from Glee (yes, with makeup and hair people, no, with Ryan Murphy), and Chris is his usual effortlessly charming self, keeping his patience with Larry’s more clueless moments.

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