Top Republicans Sign Pro-Gay Marriage Brief

Jon Huntsman Marriage Equality

My name is Jon Huntsman, and I approve of gay marriage.

More good news in the march towards gay marriage: 75 prominent Republicans have signed a legal brief that argues that gay people have a constitutional right to marry. Woohoo! The signees include former Bush advisors, former governors and two members of Congress. The document will be submitted to the Supreme Court before they hear arguments for a case that seeks to strike down Proposition 8 in California.

Several of the Republicans who signed, such as Jon Huntsman and former gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, are reversing their previous official stance on gay marriage. Others are speaking out for the first time on the issue. Additionally, some Republicans who are pro-marriage equality, like Laura Bush and Dick Cheney, have not signed the briefing.

Is this likely a calculated political move for many of the Republicans who signed? Probably. Does it really matter if it helps sway the Supreme Court towards giving gay people their Constitutional rights? Probably not. So, for today, go (some) Republicans!

For those in the party still against gay marriage, please come join us in the 21st century. It’s nice here.

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