Traveler’s Choice: Style Capital — Stockholm, Sweden

Whyred Collection 2012

The Swedish capital is just naturally cool –- oodles of trendy boutiques, dozens of coffee joints (the national pastime is fikka, or taking a coffee break), and great-looking guys and gals whizzing around on their bikes throughout the year. The top name local designers like Acne, Filippa K, Whyred, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair are all stuffed into the central Ostermalm area, along with the city’s most celebrated perfumer Byredo and the up and coming jewelry duo, David and Martin. But for great design stores and awesome (and not overpriced) vintage shopping, SoFo (which stands for South of Folkungagatan) is also a must.

Our Academy says:

Stockholm edges out Brooklyn for most stylish, mostly because it’s way less in your face about it. (For example, no artisanal mayo joints or ’Made in Stockholm’ t-shirt outlets.)
–Jennifer Caesar

Go Stockholm, go!
–John Polly

Effortlessly chic, blond glamazons crowd the cobbled streets.
— Heidi Mitchell

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