Troye Sivan Recites “Call Me By Your Name” Song Lyrics As Poetry

But don't call him a gay icon.

Before you do a double-take, that’s Troye Sivan, not Call Me by Your Name star Timothée Chalamet, reading Sufjan Stevens’ “Mystery of Love” lyrics.

Sivan performed the stirring spoken-word rendition of the Oscar-nominated Call Me by Your Name song as part of Dazed’s Texts series.


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It’s surely no coincidence that the 22-year-old Australian singer-songwriter, who’s the same age as Chalamet, recently told PopCrush he would have loved to play Elio in the gay romance.

“I think that it 100 percent was made for Timothée Chalamet, but I would have at least auditioned,” he said of the coveted role. “I really feel like that was the first time, pretty much ever, that I’ve looked at a character and been like, ’I 100 percent relate to that person.’ Like every single thing, even down to his body type and the way that he looks. It’s so strange. I look at his body and I’m like, ’That’s my body.’ Like skinny, small little nipples, pale. Like everything down to the nipples, it’s me.”

Sivan will, however, get to show off his acting skills in Boy Erased, the upcoming film adaptation of Garrard Conley’s memoir about his time in a gay conversion camp.

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As queer as all that sounds, Sivan puts a cap on his representation of the LGBT community in a new interview with Wonderland.

“Knowing when to shut up, I will never understand the struggles of a trans woman of color growing up,” he says. “What can I do as an empathetic person? How can I help? That’s why I politely reject the term ‘gay icon.’ I would never want to put that on myself.”

“When I think about the songs that I grew up listening to that made me feel… gay, it was mostly straight women: Cher, Madonna, Miley, Robyn, Lady Gaga,” he continues. “Those are my gay icons, which is a bit strange. I would have loved to have had more queer music growing up. That would have been nice.”

At last year’s GLAAD Media Awards, Sivan, who came out publicly on YouTube at the age of 14, became the youngest recipient of the Stephen F. Kolzak Award, presented to LGBT media professionals who promote equality and acceptance in their work and life. He honored trailblazing LGBT activists like Peter Staley, Marsha P. Johnson, and Gilbert Baker in his acceptance speech.

Sivan released Blue Neighbourhood, his debut full-length studio album, in 2015. The “My My My!” singer’s sophomore album is expected this spring.

Watch Sivan’s interpretation of “Mystery of Love” and revisit the original music video below.

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