“True Blood” Actor Luke Grimes Reportedly Quit Over Playing Gay


Luke Grimes has apparently never seen True Blood. If he had, he wouldn’t have been caught off guard that his character would eventually end up sucking neck or face with another dude.

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The actor played soulful and sensitive vampire James on last season of the HBO hit, but this season his character’s been recast because, according to BuzzFeed, Grimes was uncomfortable playing gay house and shacking up with Bon Temps’s resident fierce kween, Lafayette:

To be clear, James, who is now played by Bunheads’ Nathan Parsons, hasn’t yet done the deed with Lafayette. But there were heavy hints in the June 22 season premiere, and the storyline is headed in that direction.


According to [a source close to the show], Grimes objected to the first few scripts he received, once it became clear that his character would become romantically involved with Lafayette. He countered that he would be willing to play the role if Lafayette were attracted to him, but not if the attraction was mutual. He also did not want to do any same-sex kissing or sex scenes. The writers were unwilling to change the scripts on his behalf.

Even if Grimes’s character wasn’t gay, there’s more than an off chance he would end up at least banging Jason Stackhouse. Ryan Kwnaten’s lovable, fuckable oaf has landed more lady business than any other character on the show — except maybe Pam, offscreen — and yet he still got more man-snatch last season than Lafayette.


And this season promises to be no different.

Grimes’s publicist denies the allegations, claiming his client had bigger and better things to do, including 50 Shades of Grey and Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper with Bradley Cooper. But HBO is sticking to their original story — that Grimes left the show because of “the creative direction of the character.”

Well, Grimes’s loss is Lafayette’s gain. God knows he could use some love after Jesus was callously ripped from our hearts and screens. tumblr_lqontpVqFT1qb0urlBruja! Got you all in check.

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