End Of Days: Bed Bath & Beyond Selling Twilight Jewelry For $3,000

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Welcome to End Of Days, our new daily post that will point out one current event or story we are fairly certain proves that the Mayans were right and it is all about to end. So enjoy it while it lasts folks.

Do you have an older, sad and single aunt, uncle, sister or brother, or are you a tween with unlimited access to your parents credit card? Well, if so, stop the search for gifts this holiday season as we have found just the present for you — Twilight jewelry at Bed Bath & Beyond. Yes friends you read that right, jewelry from a vampire film being sold at a store that specializes in bedding. Match made in heaven, right?

The question now, however, is which gorgeous gem to buy! To make it easier we have organized a beautiful slideshow for you above featuring everything from The Official Twilight Collection Bella’s White Topaz or Diamond Engagement Ring to The Official Twilight Jewelry Collection White Diamond Wolf Pack Sterling Silver Earrings.

When a book by a Mormon woman that details the love triangle between a vampire, wolf and pale teen girl with no facial expressions becomes the biggest film saga of all time, and then introduces high-end jewelry based on that book/film to be sold at a bedding store, things are not looking good.

The Mayans were right — the end is near.

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