Tyler Posey “Comes Out” As Gay On Snapchat

"I've never felt so alive."

Tyler Posey sent thousands of members of the Wolf Pack into a tizzy this week, when he took to social media to declare “I’m gay!”

The 24-year-old Teen Wolf star was in New York’s West Village and filmed himself in front of the sign for Gay Street.

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“This is me—I am this and this is me!” he declared as the camera gazed at the street sign. “I’ve never felt more alive. I’m gay!”

Of course we have to take his declaration with a whole box of salt, as Posey is a known jokester. He reportedly later posted a Snapchat with a lamp, announcing “Oh man, am I happy! I’ve never felt more happy than I do right now. I’m lamp.”

Sure it’s a tasteless comment to make, but Posey’s been a good ally to the LGBT community. And he’s never had a problem being physical with other men.

tyler posey
tyler posey
teen wolf posey jr bourne

Maybe he just felt jealous of the attention his former Teen Wolf bros Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver got when they came out?

Posey went on Twitter to clarify he wasn’t gay and apologize for his “joke.”

tyler posey

We ain’t mad at you, Tyler. But you do need to do penance—a seven minute make out scene with JR Bourne sounds fair.


Below, Tyler chats with Matteo Lane at New York Comic Con.

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