Watch Billy Porter Read Your Comments About His Iconic Looks

The Emmy-winner "Pose" star gets a lot of toots and boots on Instagram.

Yes, honey, Billy Porter has to put on his glasses to read you.

Gay Times recently got the Emmy-winning Pose star and outspoken LGBTQ activist to read and react to some of your shadiest and most supportive Instagram comments on his iconic fashion statements, which always defy traditional gender constraints. 

The Christian Siriano tuxedo gown for the Oscars. The Met Gala “Sun God” lewk by The Blonds. That Tonys ensemble crafted from a Kinky Boots curtain and shaped like a uterus. The list goes on as long as the red carpets he’s snatched, and it seems like everybody has a toot or boot to share.

“These peasants can’t keep up with you,” writes one commenter. “They’re currently having surgery to remove what you have them gagging on.”

“Please go to the deli and get me a turkey sandwich in that,” another follower suggests.

“Lady Gaga, that breeze you felt was Billy Porter passing you.”

“Could you ask for anyone better to be representation for LGBTQIA+ community?” another fan asks. His reply: “No, bitch.”

“You are worse than an attention whore,” writes an actual bitch. “Yeah, I like attention,” Porter calmly responds. “Doesn’t everybody in show business?”

“Do you hate your real self as a man this much? Do you hate the fact that God created you as a man?” Oof. If looks could kill!

“I’m black, I’m turning 50, and I’m fierce!” Porter told The New York Times earlier this year. “I’m grown, and I’m going to wear my dresses.”

Pose has been renewed for a third season and is expected to return next summer on FX.

The Insta library is open below.

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