10 Reasons We Miss Adele

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is on the verge of a comeback with a rumored new album and tour. Will it be acoustic? Will she duet with Madonna? Will she pull a Beyoncé and drop it out of nowhere with little to no promotion? We’ll have to wait for the answer to those questions and more, but until she once again gives our lives meaning, here are 10 reasons we miss Adele.

1. The Voice

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Rich, world-weary and capable of incredible pathos, Adele’s voice ranks as one of the best on the planet.

2. That Accent

While her voice is beautiful, when that cockney accent comes flying out you realize that if Adele wasn’t a world class entertainer, she would be picking pockets in a Charles Dickens novel.

3. The Lyrics


As one of the few artists who actually writes her own songs, Adele’s lyrics are as heartbreaking and gorgeous as her voice.

4. The Hair


Though she may be a Brit by birth, at heart Adele may be a Southern belle, having subscribed to the motto: the bigger the hair the closer to God. She’s having a kiki with Jesus at this point.

5. The Nails


Thank god the age of the Diva Claw is back. Back in the 70s, every diva had nails out to here, presumably to claw each other’s eyes out: Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C. Exhibit D. Adele is carrying on a long — and sharp — tradition

6. The Attitude


Adele ran out of fucks to give shortly after birth.

7. The Accolades

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

At only 26, Adele is one of the most awarded people in entertainment with 10 Grammys, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, 13 Billboard Music Awards, four American Music Awards and an appointment as a Member of the Order of the British Empire. Give her an HBO concert special and throw her on Broadway because I want this girl to EGOT. ASAP.

8. The Swag


Yas, mama, brush those shoulders off. You earned it.

9.  The LGBT Support


Adele has performed at London Pride, her music has inspired gay kids to come out and it may even turn you gay. That’s the stuff icons are made of.

10. This


Adele dances like a boss. Nicole Kidman, however, dances like a — “Woo!” — 40-year-old white woman.


Les Fabian Brathwaite is a Brooklyn-based writer equally inspired by James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and Nicki Minaj, otherwise known as The Other Holy Trinity. Follow him on Instagram/Twitter @lefabrat.