Take a Ride on the “eBussy”

We call shotgun.

It’s 2020, and queer people should be employed in every workplace. Don’t take it from me, though—ask the marketing team behind the “eBussy.”

ElectricBrands, a German tech company, has revealed a prototype for the eBussy, its new electric vehicle that can take on 10 different body types, HypeBeast reports.

The eBussy is completely modular, meaning drivers can customize its shape, size, and features at will. But the product isn’t going viral for its innovative design or impressive specs: Gay Twitter™️ is having a field day with its name, which incorporates the word “bussy,” a filthy (if slightly cringe-y) portmanteau of the words “boy” and “pussy.” If a name like eBussy is anything to go by, no gays were consulted in the marketing process.

To ElectricBrands’ credit, the name-check appears to be unintentional. (We’re presuming the “bussy” in “eBussy” is pronounced more like “bus,” not “pussy.”)

Itching to take an eBussy for a ride? Break out that piggy bank, girl. A new vehicle will set you back anywhere between $18,000–$33,000 USD. Good thing ElectricBrands has billed the modular monstrosity as “not a car, but more!” because we all know gays can’t drive.

Honk honk, henny!

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