Lego Super-Fan Recreates Scenes From Classic “Golden Girls” Episodes

It's the little things.

We’ve seen Lego recreations of the Golden Girls before, but one super-fan has gone the extra mile and built facsimiles of the living room, kitchen and foyer from Miami’s most beloved house.

New York’s Sam Hatmaker built the sets—including minifigures of Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, Blanche and Stan—and incorporated meticulous details like wicker furniture, kitchen appliances and, of course, a cheesecake.

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What’s more, Hatmaker posed the figures and added new characters to re-create some of our favorite Golden Girls scenes—including a visit from Burt Reynolds, Rose shooting Blanche’s vase, Dorothy playing “Grab That Dough” and Rose rescuing her Teddy Bear from a mean little girl.

Check out Sam’s page on the Legos Idea site. His set is current under consideration to be produced as an official Lego product.

How many Golden Girls scenes below can you identify?


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