Our Favorite Adam Lambert Stories

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Happy birthday Adam Lambert! You’re 31 years old today– you are as many years old as Baskin Robbin has flavors— and just as delicious. To celebrate we’ve collected our favorite stories ever written about you.

1. Adam Lambert makes American Idol what it was all along, gay. It’s a karoke show of people competing to be the best singers in America. It is basically Marie’s Crisis, televised, without the booze.

2. Adam Lambert’s AMA passionate in-the-moment kiss with keyboardist. It was shocking, it was sexy, it was perfect.

3. Adam Lambert  becomes the first openly gay artist to debut at number one on the Billboard 200. With ’Trespassing’, which is a really freakin’ great song.

4. Adam Lambert might be A. When the story came out that Adam Lambert was going to be on the ABC Family hit series, Pretty Little Liars, we all wondered if he was the one that killed Alison  DiLaurentis. Turns out, he was just there to do what he does best – be really nice, and play great music.

5. Adam Lambert goes on tour with Queen. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter, a fantastic pairing.

6. Adam Lambert is a diva. As the host of Vh1’s Divas in 2012, Adam did skits, sang and looked fabulous the entire time.

7. Adam Lambert is so hot, he gets straight dudes to strip for him. We’re still waiting on that video, David Arquette


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