‘The New Normal’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

Hey there Matty.

We know, we know, we don’t really recap The New Normal, but since Matt Bomer guest starred tonight and we have been missing our White Collar so much, we figured we would talk about how dreamy Matty was. And, we must say, he was very, very dreamy.

Also great, Willam in an amazing cameo and the young actress who plays Shania, who is insanely hilarious and one of the funniest people on TV. Where’s this kid’s Golden Globe nom?

But on to the matter at hand — here are Matt’s 10 dreamiest moments.

  • He works out shirtless. Very, very shirtless.
  • He loves to drink and wants to do nothing more than go to Mardi Gras,  get drunk and fool around.
  • In fact, he would rather party at Mardi Gras than have some pesky kids…
  • …But then he does want kids once he hits his thirties.
  • And he lies about his age.
  • And, even better, he does his shopping in a sleeveless shirt.
  • He introduced house music to Greece.
  • When he is not in Greece, he is apparently hanging in Prague with Frank Ocean.
  • He has cute houseboys.
  • He likes men who are smart but maybe not as attractive as he is. There’s hope for us!

So what did y’all think of Matt’s appearance tonight? Are you too hoping he soon returns?

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