‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

Matt Bomer White Collar recap

Neal is leaving us.

White Collar is going away until January. Tears. But what what a crazy, crazy episode we got last night. Boring Treat William is Neil’s father! Neil gets shot! Mozie is almost forced to fight a man with a gun wielding nothing but a corkscrew!

Enough of that however, let’s talk about how dreamy Matt Bomer was as we prepare to spend our fall away from our favorite agent and fedora-aficionado.

  • He Is Really Good At Holding Grudges. He don’t give a sh*t that you fixed the coffee machine Agent Burke, he is just going to sit back and look smoldering.
  • He Will Get His Own Coffee, Thank You Very Much. You burnt Agent Burke.
  • He Is Great At Being A Dickhead. Poor Peter was starting to look really silly at that FBI panel before there was a breach.
  • He Saves His Friends Lives. Poor Mozie would have been shot by boring Treat Williams if he kept running his mouth and waving around that corkscrew.
  • He Pickpockets. Check for those FBI badges conference members.
  • He Looks Good In Tie Pins. Was that new? We have never noticed one before but it was a nice little accessory. Oh, we are now being told he always wears them. Well, we like them.
  • He Likes Vermin. There is literally a rat in the FBI office.
  • He Sneaks Coffee. Awww, he and Agent Burke are making up!
  • He Is Great At Makeup, Umm, Conversation. The bromance of Peter and Neal lives on.
  • He Looks Good While Getting Shot. Not like a hug it turns out.
  • He Has A Father! Mystery solved. Too bad it’s boring Treat Williams.