‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

Matt Bomer dreamy white collar recap

Eye of the tiger.

White Collar was a bit of a departure last night, with boring Treat Williams kind of becoming interesting and Tiffani Thiessen actually getting some lines and a little bit of a story! Go T! But, let’s be honest, the best thing about last night’s episode, and why it will go down in history as a White Collar classic, is the 10 beautiful minutes of shirtless Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) boxing. Thank you Renny Harlin.

Now let’s talk about Matty boy’s dreaminess.

  • He Looks Good In Denim. He is working that shirt while he watches the sad Ellen video. Or, should we say, werking.
  • He Makes Fun Secret Plans. We want to go in a backyard and make secret plans with friends.
  • He Looks Even Better In A Wife Beater. Sad and lonely Neal.
  • BOXING RING! Oh, he’s in a suit. Still, good look.
  • He Chills In DUMBO. That is very hip and very now. We wonder if he is friends with Anne Hathaway and her fiance.
  • BOXING RING! Ugh, suit again. Stop playing with our emotions people.
  • Boxing Practice. Boy does Neal look good practicing to throw a fight. Also, hey Agent Burke. Where did you come from looking all good?
  • BOXING RING! Finally, the shirtless action we have all been waiting for. Also, hey again Agent Burke. Someone has been hitting the gym.
  • He Gets Angry Face. If only we could cause that much rage in Neal. That smoldering mean look is very, very nice.
  • He Takes Long Emo Walks When Mad. We would have joined you on that stroll from DUMBO to the UES Neal. Call us next time.

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