Tom Daley’s All-Over Body Workout, Plus T.R. Knight, Roxette Returns: BRIEFS

Plus more North Carolina fallout.

Birthday shoutouts! Ben Gibbard (above) is 40, Joel Grey is 84, Johnny Messner is 46, and Lisa Stansfield is 50. Here’s my favorite Lisa single, which inexplicably flopped on the chart, peaking at #56.


Which Hollywood hunk put his prizeworthy package on display at the MTV Movie awards?

Screen Shot 04-11-16 at 02.44 PM

Bryan Adams cancels Mississippi tour date over anti-gay religious freedom law.

American idol finalist La’Porsha Ranae: “I don’t really agree with the LGBT lifestyle.”

This “fight” scene is exactly why we need to watch more telenovelas.



Tom Daley has started a brand new Daley Routine, focusing on an all-over body workout.

In today’s Colton Haynes news, there is no Colton Haynes news.

University of North Carolina has no idea how to enforce bathroom laws.

“Todd Rosendahl, director of school outreach with Charlotte’s Time Out Youth Center, which provides after-school programs fot LGBT students, said that lacking state guidance, schools don’t know what to do with the new law.

They’re stuck,” Rosendahl says of the scenario North Carolina schools now find themselves in. “Should they be following federal guidance or should they be following state law?”

Here’s the new full trailer for Game Of Thrones, which showcases some intriguing storyline possibilities for this season.


Roxette will be back with a new album in June, and here’s the first single, “It Just Happens.” Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle brought the bleak 90’s music scene a much-needed jolt of fun and exuberance, and it’s good to have them back.

T.R. Knight talks about his new Hulu series 11/22/63, the march to equality, and if he thinks coming out ten years ago affected his career.

“Without sounding Pollyanna, I have never been told if [homophobia has [prevented me from being cast],” he said. “So I have no idea if it has. Also, I’m not — I do think it’s different for character actors. I think we’ve got maybe a little farther way to go, but I think things are [also] changing for people who maybe, like, you know, happen to be molded and have very movie-star looks. I think the more people come out, [the more it] changes it. Every single time somebody comes out, it changes, I feel.”

This says it all, doesn’t it?


And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay and bisexual celebs who deserve more recognition.

This week our 161st ShoutOUT™ is to … J.E. Freeman


The late J.E. Freeman (1946-2014) joined the Marines right after high school, but when he revealed to his superiors he was gay, he was given a discharge at the age of 22. He wrote a letter to SF Gate in 2009, detailing why: “I had “turned myself in” to my CO because I was queer and I didn’t want to go and kill or be killed in Vietnam for a government that did not want to recognize my right to exist.”

In this same letter he writes about his first-hand experience at Stonewall:

“I remember how, as the night went on and the crowd grew, we were surrounded; as cops on horses, cops in riot gear, cops in cars and paddy wagons began to roll in behind and around Sheridan Square, with the firefighters and their trucks, and their hoses hooked up to hydrants and the hoses that would work. And Garland’s voice and that haunting song. I can remember thinking how glad I was that John Lindsay was the mayor, because without Lindsay holding the cops at bay and refusing to give them permission to move, there would have been a bloodbath. I mean there we were, a crowd of homosexuals, pansies, fairies, fags, and we were not letting New York’s finest trash a gay bar with impunity.

In the world before that night, we could not have done what we did. But that night we did. We finally stood up and said we have rights. To congregate. To dance. To mourn. To be left alone. Left alone to live, to love, to work, or just dance and listen to Garland sing.”

J.E. would later go on to a very successful acting career, almost always cast as tough guys or psycho villains. After a multitude of series roles in the early 80’s, he made a brief but memorable appearance as “The Bedroom Killer” in 1986’s Ruthless People.



Most Briefs lists involve the “best” or “greatest” of something, so for a change let’s switch it up, as Evil Snicks brings you The 30 Worst Music Videos Of All Time.

You’ll see debacles from major musical artists, as well as a few Youtube “stars.” Sure, it’s really easy to pick on desperate wannabes. It’s fun, too. But it proves that terrible can run the gamut from multi-million dollar productions to, well, a certain video named after a day of the week. You know the one.

At #20 is “It’s Tan Mom” by Patricia Krentcil

You’re welcome.



Congrats to macguffin54, who guessed that Friday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was Maude.

Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Here are characters from a FAMOUS TV SHOW. Can you name it?


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