White Girl Problems’ Babe Walker On Drag Queens, Xanax

Not Babe

With the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race set to premiere January 30, we here at NewNowNext decided we needed to speak with someone about all things drag. Someone smart, someone insightful, someone who would not be afraid to smack us across the face and then wander off to pop a pill and buy some Prada racing heels to forget what just happened. Someone like Babe Walker.

And, for those of you who have been living under a rock or just too unfortunate to leave the house, be aware that you can read Babe’s life changing biography January 31, buy it here.

Now listen to Babe respond to your stupid reader questions.

-Babe, my boyfriend is doing his first drag show and I want to be super supportive but have no idea what to wear. What would you do?

I like to go to a drag show about once a year to keep myself abreast to the rudest and most disgustingly essential in shoe design (why do you think Lady Gaga is so famous? It’s not because of her face). I usually fly up to San Francisco, which is the real mecca of OG glam-drag realness, where I’ll pop a few xanax and sit back with a bottle of water and simply absorb what the queens are giving me. Over the years, I’ve realized that the best thing to wear to this type of occasion is something nondescript and androgynous. I’ll feature a monochromatic suit story by Givenchy or a fitted black tux by Jil Sander. And sneakers. Gay guys seem to love sneakers with everything.

-Babe, I am all set to do my first drag show but have no idea what I should wear. Any suggestions?

Um, Prada.

-Babe, help Ms. Sharon Needles?

Ok, points for the name, fine. And on one hand I love the language that her black lipstick is speaking for a chilly winter look, but on the other hand she makes me sad to be alive. I would bring her hair in and down and basically try my best to tame it’s chakra. I’d  have a 90 year-old Native American woman blow dust in her face ( trust me, so good for the cheek pores). Then I’d suggest a nose job and a teeth bleeching, but in a super nice way. Then I’d probably be late for something and have to go.